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Brad –  A super chub daddy

This is Brads fist photo shoot for ChubVideos.com and he did not disappoint. Big sexy Brad is a greying – ginger super chub with a big hairy belly and he is super hot naked!

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PJ Bottoms

PJ Bottoms – A super chub daddy bear

PJ always wanted to do a photo shoot so he contacted ChubVideos.com and dropped his big pants for our camera and just for you!

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Rob N. Thick 2

Rob N. Thick –  Big And round with a huge fat ass!

This is Rob’s second photo shoot for ChubVideos.com.  In this gallery Rob slowly gets naked, sits back and lets his big balls hang low!

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Timber Cub

Timber Cub – A young hairy super big boy!

Timber Cub is one the more popular super chubs on ChubVideos.com. In this new photo gallery Timber lays back in his bed, gets naked and rubs his dick for the camera.

Timber Cub has done a couple photo galleries in the past and has been featured in two hot videos on ChubVideos.com

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Jak Spratt

Jak Spratt – A hot super chub!

Jak Spratt is a popular super chub on ChubVideos.com. Jak is being featured in a new photo gallery and was also just featured in a hot video where he bottomed for the sex black daddy bear Axel on ChubVideos.com!

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