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Colin Wood

Colin Wood – A hairy blue collar chubby bear!

Colin Wood is a new comer to but has been making a big impression already with all of the big bear fans out there.

this is Colin’s first photo shoot, in this gallery Colin jacks his nice cock and blows a thick load up on his big belly that drips back down all over his dick and balls!

Colin was also featured in the recent video release Fucked By A Chubby Trucker where Colin fucks the hairy daddy Beach Bear.

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Cub Breeden

Cub Breeden – A big sexy bear of a man!

Cub Breeden is featured in his own hot gallery where he strips down to nothing but his hard cock and is also featured in the video Motel Bang where he fucks another hot bear raw and blows his huge load all up his ass and back!

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Jake Baker

Jake Baker – A sexy hairy chubby bear!

From the archives comes Jake Baker.

Jake is a hot chubby bear with a big hairy belly and was featured in the hot three way video A Chubby KiKi with two other hot chubby bear cubs.

Jake was also featured in a jerk off photo gallery where Jake jerks his big fat cock and blows a huge load all over his big hairy belly!

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Hog Pup

Hog Pup – A big beefy and hairy gay puppy!

Hog Pup is new to This is his first photo gallery and he is also featured in a newly released video Whos A Good Boy along with the big hairy and very sexy Angus Beef.

In Hog Pups full photo gallery he strips down first to his jock strap and then to nothing but his fur and shows it all off to us while being a good puppy.

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Angus Beef 2

Angus Beef 2 –  A hot beefy, hairy and solid chubby bear with a nice fat dick!

This is Angus Beef’s newest photo gallery on  Angus was also featured in a hot video called Daddy Beef on and we be in a few new hardcore videos later this summer.

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