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Thunder Bear

Thunder Bear – A hairy bear daddy

This is Thunder Bears first photo shoot on ChubVideos.com

Thunder Bear was nervous when he first arrived but as soon as I got his pants off and nice cock hard he was just fine!

He enjoyed doing his photo shoot so much that he decided to do a video, he is featured in Blow And Go when he gets sucked off and blows a huge load!

Check out Thunder Bears gallery and video here at ChubVideos.com

The Masseur

The Masseur – 2 big daddies on a massage table!

The Masseur is a brand new video release on ChubVideos.com featuring The big sexy tattooed Big Daddy Boss Man and our newest hot chub daddy Magic Hands.

In this new video Big Daddy orders up a massage from the very sexy Magic Hands and more gets rubbed then just his shoulders!

Check out the full unedited video here at ChubVideos.com

Santa Daddy

Santa Daddy – A hot hairy Santa Bear!

This brand new video was just added to ChubVIdeos.com.

Santa Daddy, a hairy hung chaser fantasies about fucking Santa and POOF his fantasy becomes a reality!

Watch the full unedited version of Santa Daddy here at ChubVideos.com


Rolfe Starlett

Rolfe Starlett – a big hairy daddy bear!

The very popular Rolfe Starlett is back in a brand new photo gallery on ChubVideos.com. In this brand new gallery Rolfe is in his business suit and slowly strips down to nothing but a jock and a hard on!

Check out the full gallery of this hot big bear PLUS all other photos and videos on ChubVideos,com