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Jacky Late 6

Jacky Late – A hairy tattooed top chub!

Jacky Late is back in new gallery and will soon be featured in a brand new hardcore video on ChubVideos.com

In this gallery we can see Jacky has gained a few pounds and gotten a few more tattoos but he still has his big cock and is still gets rock hard!

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Red Ember

Red Ember

In this gallery Red gets himself excited while fucking himself with a nice big dildo and shoots a nice thick load!

this is Red Embers first shoot on ChubVIdeos.com and he will be inĀ  a brand new soon to be released hardcore video where he rides a big fat cock!

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Smoke – a cute cub who really likes to fuck to hours especially big daddy bears!

This is Smoke’s first photo shoot and he is also going to be featured with Daddy Bob in a soon to be released video on ChubVideos.com

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Koda – a cute hairy chubby cub!

When Koda came by to do a photo shoot for ChubVideos.com he was so cute and so nervous but as soon as I got his clothes off and kissed his little hard nipples his dick got rock hard and didn’t go down until he blew his huge load that he shot over his head!

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